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corpse one-hundred thirty-four: what’s on the menu/placemat?

While waiting for food at a restaurant. Not quite R. Crumb’s Waiting for Food: Restaurant Placemat Drawings, but similar. Corpses drawn on menus that double for placemats at a restaurant. I am happy to see the return of paper placemats, especially on brown craft paper, at restaurants where you can also get a good cocktail. May or may not (not sure I need the may not) have been inspired by the calamari. corpse 134

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Automatic Two

Automatic-2This started off as an automatic drawing and then turned into something. Correction, this started as a note looking for an Ad Reinhardt quote about bumping into sculpture as you back up to look at painting. Non-members Only is a sign I think I saw somewhere in Vancouver. Anyone know the place. Seems it was neon at a club or music venue or something. Then came the drawing.