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Manipulating Chance


August 2014

a warning

Apparently, someone knows where I live. Reminds me of those cones pets wear to stop them from pawing their head.

Automatic Two

Automatic-2This started off as an automatic drawing and then turned into something. Correction, this started as a note looking for an Ad Reinhardt quote about bumping into sculpture as you back up to look at painting. Non-members Only is a sign I think I saw somewhere in Vancouver. Anyone know the place. Seems it was neon at a club or music venue or something. Then came the drawing.

Dreams one

As touched on recently, I occasionally try to draw my dreams. In describing some of my dreams to people I’ve been told I am a vivid dreamer. I try to jot down a few quick sketches when I wake to get what I can instantly in hopes that it triggers greater memory later. Other times I have moments where something sparks a memory of the previous night’s dream. As you will see they’re sometimes on a scrap of paper other times in a sketchbook or whatever is handy. Automatic-1

I don’t remember what the notes were about, but I can remember some of the dream. Seems I was walking through lines of white sheets. This was a while back and cannot correlate anything for sure, but maybe 28 Days Later amongst the lines of laundry surrounding a captive infected person. I continued on to a den of some sort where everyone sitting or standing around had sheets over their heads. One of them was thrown across the room by something unseen. I believe the lower left was me or someone climbing into an invisible suit.

Automatic 1

I often find myself doodling while doing other things. On the phone, in a meeting, reading and I also sit down once in a while and try some automatic drawing. I’ve been digging a few of these up recently after being away for a while. Some marks recur while some reference things on my mind and develop into more thought out drawings that may depart from the automatic idea that I’ve written of before. Search Automatism or Automatic drawing in this blog. I cannot remember and am too lazy to look up the exact reference at the moment. More to come.




This one done with my formerly trusty, but now leaking fine point rapidograph pen.

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