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Manipulating Chance


September 2014

corpse one-hundred thirty-five: this is on the menu/placemat?

Another placemat drawing. Corpse 135

corpse one-hundred thirty-four: what’s on the menu/placemat?

While waiting for food at a restaurant. Not quite R. Crumb’s Waiting for Food: Restaurant Placemat Drawings, but similar. Corpses drawn on menus that double for placemats at a restaurant. I am happy to see the return of paper placemats, especially on brown craft paper, at restaurants where you can also get a good cocktail. May or may not (not sure I need the may not) have been inspired by the calamari. corpse 134

opening for business

Just received cards from the printers. Looking forward to bigger things in 2015. An exhibition of work and a physical office space. OSI card

automatic four

Automatic-4a few doodles over a few days

Cliffy bar

cliffy barI am quite sure this was left on my desk by the same person who knows where I live.


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