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Manipulating Chance


March 2015

corpse red collar 3

corpse red collar 2

corpse red collar 1

corpse one hundred fifty-two | GIANT-SIZED two piece

This is what happens when you get a big table full of people and a giant-sized piece of paper that is already folded in half. This went from one end of the table to the other with people collaborating of both sides. Seems to miss the mark as far as lining up over the fold, but there is a lot going on. 2part

weekend ink refill

Every once in a while my favourite pens need refills and cleaning. This often gets messier than it should. Thus the newspaper, and for some reason I always seem to do this over a tilted drawing board. What started out as pools of remaining ink and a little drip turned into a demon followed by a few strokes to get the ink flowing again. newspaper 1

corpse one-hundred fifty-one

Courtesy of an eight? year old’s sketchbook with pre-drawn body templates. I think there were five people involved in this one including said eight? year old. This one got passed around and multiple people worked on the middle section.

corpse sketch body

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