office of surrealist investigations

Manipulating Chance


May 2015

office of surrealist investigations grand opening June 5! exquisite invitation

invitation 4some

With 2 weeks until we open our physical office space, here are four pieces of our exquisite corpse invitation to the opening. Of course, each invitation is unique and contains one piece of an exquisite corpse. Pieces of that corpse have been drawn over 3 or 4 different invites, so your invitation will fit together with other guest’s invitations. As these have been disseminated people are asked whether they’d like an invite with a drawing already on it or a blank containing a few lines overlapped from someone else’s work that they can then complete. Guests are then encouraged to bring their invitation to the office seek each other out to put together the corpse. Present your pieced together corpse at the office and we will present you with artwork from the office. Thank you to all that helped be start the corpses.

corpse one-hundred fifty-seven: napkin ring

napkin ring corpseFound myself out and about without a sketchbook and the usual assortment of pens, so we took a part a paper napkin ring and I don’t remember where we got the pen.

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