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Manipulating Chance


June 2015

corpse 5

The office corpse 4

corpse one-hundred sixty

Happy corpse all by herself. So… I had some mysterious guests the other night at the office and we had a great evening of drawing. One of the resulting corpses ended up being a one person show, I’m guessing because the rest of us were too slow.The office corpse 3

The office corpse 2

The office corpse 1

mysterious guests

A couple of mysterious guests dropped in to draw last nightmysterious guests

Speakeasy opening of the office

Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-9Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-31So, we had an opening, complete with bank vault speakeasy (a sweltering one at that), band, and surrealist activity throughout the night. Thanks to press photographer Devon Lindsay for the photos. Drawing games and investigations ruled the early part of the evening with the odd disruption and illicit throwing of dice. Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-6Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-5A few plants within our crowd of guests made the evening. Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-12 Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-11 Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-16Then, the fuzz showed upCraig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-14 Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-15raided the bar, got a little rough with the patrons, but with some encouragement allowed the evening to continue. Though they couldn’t keep their guns holstered and even got a little smarmy with the mediaCraig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-20 Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-24 Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-23 Chess and a select stash of scotch helped the night along while shady deals and crooked cops kept things interesting.  Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-40 Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-39Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-17 Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-25Great evening and thanks to everyone who helped pull this off and came out. Drop in, the office is open for viewing and snooping till July 11. Other operatives will be in the office Tuesday through Saturday for the remainder of June. I’ll be back in late June and July and the odd Saturday until then. See previous post for details on hours. Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-37I can be reached at

Oh, just one more thing

Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-26

open for business

The office of surrealist investigations is now open for business. The office is open Tuesday through Saturday between June 5 and July 11 for your viewing and snooping pleasure. For more interaction, the investigator is on duty June 9-12, 20, 30 and July 2-4, 7-11. Come on in, drop by, play some surrealist games and we hope to do more events in the coming weeks. More to come from our opening festivities. For more information or take part in some of the previously mentioned project email

office of surreal signage

chance answers to random questions

two days till we open a physical office of surrealist investigations! In keeping with the theme of exquisite corpse and manipulating chance, here is an interview with our lead investigator.

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