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July 2015

constructive criticism

consrctv crit

So, I had a visitor drop in the other day. I heard him coming about an hour before he walked in the door. He was spouting off to someone in the space next door about conspiracy theories or his intelligence about how the world is run and who has the money and how he laughs everytime he hears that Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world and how little people know about who has the wealth in the world and he knows there are a select number of individuals who have 10 times the wealth of Bill Gates and in fact I had lunch with one of them because a friend of mine knows who is in charge of the global economy and we had lunch together in a fancy restaurant but that was back in the 80s and if only I knew then what I know now and all I need is $5,000,000 for start up and I can turn that over 10 times with no R & D because that’s where all the money gets drained and I had a chance to do this before and I took it to the Japanese but none of them spoke English so they didn’t understand and said my ideas were irrelevant and they don’t know what they rejected.

corpse one-hundred sixty-three


unmarked parcel


I received a delivery notice when I came to the office this morning, so as soon as I got the chance I went and picked it up. No return address, no name, but the postmark does reveal some clues. This was unexpected, so I was eager to see what I received. After bringing it back to the office I took a closer look.


I believe these are post office markings
20150630_122551Nicaraguan cigars, a personal favourite. Is this from someone close to me?20150630_122653The seals are broken, so no not likely cigars. Parcel bomb perhaps? Am I parcel bombable? I’ve only had a physical address for a couple of weeks.20150630_122807 20150630_122838

It appears to be a stamp or seal. Greenwood, BC. Apparently, the smallest city in Canada. 20150630_122945I suspect this is the main drive of this parcel. An exquisite corpse writing project. I’ve talked to a few people about the corpse since starting the office a few years ago. Particularly it’s beginnings as a written project and poetic in nature. Recent conversations with a couple of writers lead me to more early surrealist writings, which in turn lead to Maldorer by Comte de Lautreamont. Not necessarily a Surrealist writing, but an early French poetic writing influential among the Dadaists and Surrealists. It is Comte de Lautreamont’s only published writing as he died young. I recommend giving it a read even if not in it’s entirety, it is full of incredible imagery. I have a hunch on who sent this package my way, so I’m off to interrogate suspects.

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