office of surrealist investigations

Manipulating Chance



vancouver satellite office

i have been given an opportunity to temporarily open a satellite office in vancouver canada

rather than move my entire office i am putting out a call to borrow office furniture and props in vancouver

vancouver requests

if you can help me out with

a desk

chairs both comfy and office

lamps                                         hat rack

any other suitable pieces for a small investigative office

please let me know


corpse july 18b

corpse twotwotwo


corpse July 18a

corpse twenty twenty one

or was it twenty… two two hundreds and back not sure anymorecorpse July 2017 part 1-2

corpse two hundred twenty


somewhere in the two hundreds i started numbering corpses twenty… corpse July 2017 part 1-1

instead of two hundred… and likely mixed up the order in the process so here we are

corpse 213


corpse twenty seventeen

kicking off 2017 with corpse number twenty-seventeen



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