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new locale new posts new activity

To see more goings on see @officesurrealistinvestigations

more things afoot…

satellite office set up

Thanks to Instant Coffee for hosting me this past weekend I moved about sixteen by nine feet worth of my office into the satellite where I packed my stuff within Instant Coffees stuff for a weekend of events interaction an collaboration more to come in the coming days also check out @surrealistinvestigations no of on instagram for a few pics & things & such




drawingwhile1234stitched together drawings while doing other things


multitasking at the office

busy week at the office including collaborative corpse drawings projected on my windows for KAG Luminocity and an evening of shooting video for more projections to be added this week

be sure to join the KAG Luminocity tour to see all the downtown projection projects beginning at the KAG at 7pm on Thursday including a tour stop for a behind the scenes peek at the office

Thanks to Devon Lindsay for the photos

#readinglibrary posts

Since I have been on instagram it appears this site has suffered some so another update of pics from the reading libraryreadinglibrary3

corpse two-hundred ten: jeters last game

dug this up from a while back amidst piles of paper in the office apologies if this was already postedcorpse 2010

more from the reading library

readinglibrary 2further selections from the reading library

I have a few props mainly a selection of hats that I offer that most take though largely my library consists of art and other topics related to the surrealist offices practices it also covers some of my own interests and influences and drawing references its interesting to see some of the connections when seen together like this

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