Following up on yesterday’s last week’s post, I got thinking about the New Yorker caption contest. I often find the winners voted by readers lacking. Yes, I am bitter my captions have never been finalists. Obviously, the best caption for the cartoon below was my submission.

Wrigley just hasn’t been the same since they installed lights

Unbelievable that this was not short listed as a finalists. Writing has never been my forte (with the exception of the above cartoon), as evident by this blogs lack of words for the first twenty-odd posts. I often find myself sketching new drawings for these poor captions, much like I do for Family Circus in my local daily. Drawing to these captions has yielded far greater results.

I like puddles, they’re easier to play with than oceans or lakes.

Of course, these type of mash ups are not new as seen following the opening of Kanye West’s twitter account.

Yes that’s Kanye West tweets matched to New Yorker cartoons. Check out more here.

Which brings us to Family Circus… ugh, poor captions and bad drawings, not sure I know a worse cartoon.

I’m not the first to notice this, nor am I the first to ridicule.

To Mr. Keane’s credit, he does post the take-offs on his comic on his website.

So I invite you to do the same and will post alternate cartoons to Family Circus captions here and there, and send me your own takes on Family Circus captions. Or if you prefer the traditional caption contest, work out elements of the surrealist manifesto into Family Circus cartoons. Until then, Best of luck.