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Sketchbook Project

More Sketchbook tour continues

Been away for a while, including a little time at the biennale.

Ahhh, Sandro… always an amusing tale to share. As for the video artist, who the fuck is that guy.

If you can figure the dates and places check out my sketchbook on the next tour stop. Going on all summer.


If you reside in any of those places, check it out and draw in it.  Catalogue # 210.3-10. If you don’t get a chance to sign it out, here’s another preview getting further into the book.

Page 16-17Page 18-19Page 20-21

Hope to have some more regular new stuff soon.

Sketchbook Project Part Deux

hot-shots-part-deux-posterThe Sketchbook Project continues…

If you are in the New York area and more specifically these places, check out my book and draw in it.

Sketchbook NY

Few more pages of preview for you to enjoy. Check it out. Catalogue # 210.3-10Page 7-8 Page 9-10 Page 11-12 Page 12-13 Page 14-15and if you do get your hands on it and draw in it, send me photos.

The Sketchbook Project: Don’t Think Draw, Brooklyn, Austin, Atlanta

Late last year, I decided to take on The Sketchbook Project by the Art House Co-op and Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn. Still not sure if these are one and the same or a branch of one or the other, but it seemed like an interesting project and side project I could get into. Tour starts March 1-3 at the Brooklyn Art Library, so if you are in the area go check it out.


Check it out.

It’s a library and you can check out my sketchbook.

Catalogue # 210.3-10

And Draw in it! I want people to add to my sketchbook. And send me photos of additions. I want to see how this book plays out.

I’ve included a preview of the cover and first few pages. I approached it mostly as an automatic exercise and decided to keep it in the spirit of the exquisite corpse, by continuing lines from page to page, at least for the most part. Sometimes I’d work page to page, others were doodles that grew and I found myself working out transitions, sometimes imagery or collage material would spark a page and as you’ll see, sometimes there appears to be no link at all. I’m still not sure if these areas of non-continuity (nontinuity?) actually exist. I scanned the book, but seem to remember adding a few things just before slipping it in the mail. 
Cover draftInside Cov page 1not sure what happened here, this may actually connect, but after I scanned the book. If anyone sees it let me know. Page 2-3Page 4-5Page 5-6
The book and the tour continues

March 5-8 Austin, TX

March 15-17 Atlanta, GA

Then a little break and the tour resumes in June in Toronto, Chicago, Portland, SF and LA! Updates as those dates appear and come a little closer to home.

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