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corpse one-hundred sixty-six | ransom note?

sharpmfp@kag.bc.ca_20150713_200216_002You may have noticed an old typewriter in images from my office. I left a sheet of paper in it, and let people type away as they please. I believe the text began at the grand opening and was added to throughout the exhibition. Not too bad considering the age of the typewriter. Might be time for a new ribbon, though.

Craig's Opening-Arnica-6.5.2015-10

unmarked parcel


I received a delivery notice when I came to the office this morning, so as soon as I got the chance I went and picked it up. No return address, no name, but the postmark does reveal some clues. This was unexpected, so I was eager to see what I received. After bringing it back to the office I took a closer look.


I believe these are post office markings
20150630_122551Nicaraguan cigars, a personal favourite. Is this from someone close to me?20150630_122653The seals are broken, so no not likely cigars. Parcel bomb perhaps? Am I parcel bombable? I’ve only had a physical address for a couple of weeks.20150630_122807 20150630_122838

It appears to be a stamp or seal. Greenwood, BC. Apparently, the smallest city in Canada. 20150630_122945I suspect this is the main drive of this parcel. An exquisite corpse writing project. I’ve talked to a few people about the corpse since starting the office a few years ago. Particularly it’s beginnings as a written project and poetic in nature. Recent conversations with a couple of writers lead me to more early surrealist writings, which in turn lead to Maldorer by Comte de Lautreamont. Not necessarily a Surrealist writing, but an early French poetic writing influential among the Dadaists and Surrealists. It is Comte de Lautreamont’s only published writing as he died young. I recommend giving it a read even if not in it’s entirety, it is full of incredible imagery. I have a hunch on who sent this package my way, so I’m off to interrogate suspects.

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