The Drove: Great Minds Think Alike!.

So, some friends at The Drove put out a call for guest artists for their weekly comic. If my memory serves me correctly, the call said something along the lines of “anything goes”. Yes, I am too lazy to look up the email or facebook post to remember the exact wording. I am very curious what happens when you put out the phrase “anything goes” to fans of The Drove. Since the collaborative team that is responsible  – is responsible really the right word? irresponsible for The Drove somehow sounds more appropriate or inappropriate – for The Drove contributed to my Narrative Corpse project a few years ago (thanks Phil and Nick), I jumped at the chance to put something together for them. So I grabbed a few colleagues around the office and put them to work. Thanks to Nelina, Melaina and Charo for putting excellent work into The Drove corpse and of course to Nick for the words and balloons and dealing with all the photoshop issues that I still fail to negotiate or maybe it’s Phil that does that. Thanks to Phil too. Some of the best writing in comics this year! I feel more than a little honoured to kick things off for guest artist spots on The Drove. Thanks for the inspiration, It started with those Drove helmets and the pin ups that show up in the strip from time to time. Here’s what we gave them to work with.

corpse 145 maybe DROVE

Check it out at The Drove and check them out every Wednesday for the latest installment of anything goes.