Narratve Panel Example

The few of you who have followed this blog for a while may remember A Narrative Corpse project from a couple of years ago. I’ve since modified this project to a single panel circulated amongst anyone who will take it. Basically, a person receives a drawn (or painted or collaged or photographed or whatever the preferred media) panel and is asked to respond to it on a blank panel. It is a visual correspondence from panel to panel. I have a few streams of narrative on the go with the goal being to randomly reorganise the narrative with every exhibition or reprinting of it. Still not sure how to reconfigure it in a zine format, but I am working on a few possibilities. Ideally, I mail you a package including the latest panel, a blank panel, instructions, a card and a SASE to return your panel. The above image gives you an example of what I’m talking about. Your artwork is then passed onto the next participant. I’m asking for a 1 week turnaround time on the work, not including mailing. If you want to take part email me at or send me a comment or if you know me personally, ask me.